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Houses of significance

Local Listings, or Buildings of Townscape Merit, are for houses of significance to the local history and character. Locally listed houses are not bound by the same restrictions as Grade II, Grade II* or Grade I listed buildings but they can not, for example, be demolished without planning permission. Nearby planning applications may also consider the impact on neighbouring buildings of townscape merit.

Nominated buildings do not need to be old but could be recently built. They do not need to be residential – St Richards Church and the Hazel Lane planted trough are already designated as Buildings of Townscape Merit. If you want to see what is already locally listed here is the full list of designated buildings in Ham and Petersham.

Do you know of a building that might benefit from this protection?

If so, please contact us at  with a short reason why you think it should be added to the list.

The Ham and Petersham Association will then work with Richmond Council’s Conservation team who will assess it and liaise the property owner for a full consultation.

The status of Building of Townscape Merit does not impose any extra obligations upon the owner, nor does it require special consent for any works that would not otherwise need it. It does however mean that the Council will take the special status into account when considering any planning application which impacts upon the exterior of the property.


Buildings of Townscape Merit should meet one of the following criteria:

a) Have important historic associations, in terms of famous people or events
b) Illustrates an important aspect of social or economic history or use
c) Represent an exceptionally good example of a specific and distinctive architectural style
d) Demonstrate excellence in building craftsmanship, use of materials, technical innovation, architectural features and detailing
e) Form part of a distinctive and cohesive group of buildings
f) Retain its original architectural interest and integrity, and not subject to insensitive alterations
g) Have landmark quality or make a unique and positive contribution to the quality of the townscape or an open space


A Supplementary Planning Document containing more information about Buildings of Townscape Merit can be found on the Have your say website citizen space.


For more information about Buildings of Townscape Merit see Richmond Council’s site. To see the register of other listed buildings in Richmond including the Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II in Ham and Petersham visit Richmond council’s register.