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Ham Amenities Group

In 2020 the Ham Amenities Group Amalgamated with the Ham and Petersham Association to form a new charity; the Ham and Petersham Association and Amenities Group.

Ham Amenities Group was formed in 1979, organising social events with regular fund-raising for local needs and charities.
  • In 1981 the Group arranged to purchase derelict land at the corner of  Ham Common outside the Cassel Hospital, to form what is now the Gate House Garden.
  • The work, including the installation of a water supply was completed in 1983. Ever since then the maintenance costs have been met by the Group, and labour provided by volunteers – in recent times joined by a professional gardener one day a month.
  • In 1995 funds for a complete reconstruction of the garden were obtained through a grant from Richmond Council’s recycling revenues.

Ham Fair stallholders

Ham Fair

Planning for Ham Fair in its present form began in 1983. Following much hard work by the HAG committee members in recruiting local charities and organisations who might be interested in taking part, the first Ham Fair took place, on Ham Common in 1984, exceeding all expectations. The Fair has continued, going from strength to strength, with a distanced ‘covid aware’ version in 2021.

Gate House Gardens

The Gate House Garden, on the corner of Ham Common opposite The Hand and Flower, was bought by Ham Amenities Group for

the enjoyment of the people of Ham, which it has done for many years.


The plants can be appreciated by everyone who walks past and there is seating where people can rest and enjoy the garden for longer.

Changes have been made to the garden over the years and it now boasts new seats, on old legs, and the Ham pictorial sign.