Great British Spring Clean: Tell us what needs cleaning?

Next Saturday we are meeting at Ham Pond at 10am to give the area a Spring clean but we need your help. Not only would we like you to come next Saturday but we also want you to let us know what needs cleaning. There is rubbish to pick up on Ham Street along the Common, the cricket club groundsman’s hut needs a wash so they can paint it and the white fencing at the end the Great South Avenue but please 

Toads Help
Church Road is closed to allow the toads to cross to their preferred mating ground. The fence that the HPA paid for is also protecting them from the road. To help the amorous toads reach their nook a small group of kind volunteers are patrolling the fence once a day to help them on their way. They would appreciate a little more help. Please if you live near Latchmere Lane/Church Road and may be able to lend  hand to a lovelorn toad.

Consultation on the Re-Provision of Community Facilities On Ham Close 
As part of the redevelopment of Ham Close RHP and the Council are holding a drop-in session at Ham Library. This is being held on Tuesday 13th March, 5.30pm-7.30pm. See more information here 
Options include facilities behind the shops on Ashburnham Road or next to the Woodville centre.

White Gates On Great South Avenue
The gates and a post have been taken down for safety reasons. we are speaking to the council to offerour support to get them quickly returned.

Road Works Petersham Road Next Week
There are due to be roadworks on Petersham Road next week.